Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

Austrian Catholic Community Forum deletes Posting

Some of our signers tried to put a posting about the petition and the festivities concerning the Holy Mass in Florence on 12th of October 2011 (50th anniversary of death of Maria Valtorta) on the community forum.
This is one of the biggest german speaking catholic network on the internet.

Immediately after posting, the posting was deleted by the Forum moderator by the name of Gandalf. It seems that they are opposed to any ideas about Maria Valtorta, although there are lots of Postings about Medjugorje on

Here you can see a sreenshot of the deleting message of June 27, 2011

It says: The posting <Maria Valtorta> of Evalyne (today, 16:42) was deleted by user Gandalf (today 17:36)