Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2011

Google Site Ranking with keyword 'Valtorta'

Today the  petition site at was ranking about Number 50 (on page 5) in google, when you look for <valtorta> as keyword.
Our goal is to bring the petition site up on page 1, that means under the first 10 sites.
One idea to accomplish that, is that all signers also put a comment on the petition site. This will help the google site ranking.
A comment can also be given by people who already have signed the petition days ago.
Also, when the petition Site gets a lot of links from other websites, its ranking will go up. So you can ask webmasters of other catholic sites, if they mention the petition on their page and put a link to the petition site!
So all of this can be helpful to climb the letter.

Here is the direkt link to the comments on the petition site.

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