Freitag, 3. Juni 2011

Unrighteous petitions on

A signer of the petition from the U.S. objected, that there are unrighteous and sinful petitions running on That is correct.
I started out with the petition on the care2 Website ( They care about environmental things mostly. (Which is also a kind of bias, by the way). There the support and the software didn't work correct, so I went to There the support was working right and the software was much straightforward.

When I went to, I saw that there are these <strange> petitions on their site. So I hesitated for some moments, but then I thought, there will be no clean world, we don't live in  airless space, the church is also not clean, so why not put the petition there. Maybe some of the signers of other petitions on get attentive on our petition and get curious about Maria Valtorta.
So I started the petition on on April 26,2011.

With some work we could transfer the petition to some other petition site, but there (on the new petition site) the same things might happen. And I haven't found yet a good, clean petition site.
I am interested what you think about this matter, please comment!

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  1. I agree to what you state in your posting. On there are many campaigns, and many are strange and even unright - but by this website the petition for Maria Valtorta will reach many people.

    If you come across a church in the pedestrian zone you may attend the holy mess instead of going shopping! May be there are more strange people around and even in this church than near a chapel in the montains!